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    casper1300~ “Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.” ~ John Grossmann

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    Beauty of the Universe II - Colors

    If I look at photos of galaxies in space too long, inevitably, I’ll tear up.

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    This image really puts into perspective how unbelievably vast our universe is.

    Each of the thousands of dots in this image is an entire galaxy containing billions of stars, revealed in a region of space called the Lockman hole, which allows a clear line of sight out into the distant universe, as seen by the Herschel Space Observatory.

    Sadly, Herschel’s time has come to an end. http://bit.ly/ZJ2QdY

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  10. "Trust your Heart. Value its intuition. Choose to let go of fear, and to open to the True and you will awaken to the freedom, clarity and joy of Being."
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    Tom Philpott at Mother Jones’ reports: “Yes, Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Can Jump from Animals to Humans.

    So we have that going for us.


  13. "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
    —  Socrates
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