1. But much of it feeds our livestock. We’re feeding “food” instead of feeding people.

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  2. Are you people on crack?

  3. I find it unbelievable how many WOMEN are willing to give up their rights. Rights that other women fought hundreds of years for.

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  4. "I didn’t know you had families."

    Mitt Romney’s to LGBT people. Seriously? (via think-progress)

    I … uh . ..  really?

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    This is some fantastic product placement…

    #RNC2012 (Taken with Instagram at Tampa International Airport (TPA))

    I’m just sayin’. I’m now sitting at the gate and waiting to board my plane. Next to me are some sadfaced Ron Paul fans discussing the strategy for 2016.

    Guys. I know the RNC pulled some shenanigans, but really…

    When Jerry Garcia died, the deadheads went home. Rep. Ron Paul said this was his last hurrah. At least unite behind Sen. Rand Paul, or former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

    Instead, this is what they did down at the bookstore at the United Terminal as a form of protest:

    When the clerk would move the books, they’d put them back. Seriously. It’s a little ridiculous. I think you could find something else to do. Like knitting. Or pick up a copy of The Hunger Games. I hear it’s a good read.

    In all seriousness, the Paul fans are much more passionate than I saw anyone be about Romney at the RNC. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good forecast for the general feeling the GOP has regarding their nominee, but I did run into two delegates Thursday wearing these pins they bought on Zazzle.com:

    — Meg

    The immaturity of the Ron Paul followers constantly astounds me.

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    I think I found the problem with gun control in America.

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  8. motherjones:

    Minnesota congressional candidate argues that humans and dinosaurs lived together as late as the 11th century, dragons are real, wins the Republican primary.

    At least he believes in dinosaurs, and not that dinosaur bones were planted by God to fool us …

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    Crazy stuff.

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    rick perry oops

    Romney, you are a brilliant man.


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    Here in the U.S., McDonald’s food is not usually considered all that healthy. But in China, it is. That’s because Chinese consumers trust American brands more than their own.  A new ad uses brightly colored vegetables and rain falling on tomatoes to reinforce McDonald’s healthful image in China.

    I don’t even trust us. Why should they?


  12. Re: gay marriage

    There’s just no intelligent argument against it. One of my fb friends posted this offensive article with the following quote

    “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,’”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/18/chick-fil-a-president-gay-marriage-is-inviting-gods-judgment-on-our-nation-audio/#ixzz21m69YQL0

    Uh, then aren’t you guys also doing the EXACT SAME THING? Assuming what God thinks and then speaking out against anything else.

    GOD NEVER DEFINED WHAT CONSTITUTES AS MARRIAGE. The only way that would have been possible was if it had been handed down to Moses as a commandment. 

    And really, even if God’s not judging us about this, he still has a bajilion other things to judge us over.

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    Have you ever thought about where a cashew comes from?  It comes from a fruit called a cashew apple.  How crazy weird are these?

    cashew juice is amazing (made from the fruit)!!!  :)

    what the fuck

    One of those foods I never, ever knew the origin of.

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  14. Ok, who removed fuckyeahadamscott?@!

    This is not ok.


  15. motherjones:

    Apparently, it’s for the ladies. The ladies who are interested in

    Fox News. The “W” is for “women”!

    "How to Get Rid of Your Dreaded Turkey Neck"

    "Which would you rather come home to: Ryan Gosling or a cute puppy?"

    How is this shiitake real?!